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Pet Trackers

  • Comes with 12 months of activated sim

  • Small and exquisite shape.

  • Has night lights that are activated if your pet escapes at night and make them easier to find in dark

  • Any further queries give us a call

  • Set up and ready to use 

  • $229.00 including free app

SOS Wear Pet Tracker


Smart Pet Tracker

GPS collar Features:
•    Three Positioning Methods to ensure you are always in-touch: 1) Real time GPS Satellite location with an accuracy of 5-10 meters. The application will indicate when positioning is via GPS (most accurate). If GPS signal is not available the watch will first try 2) WIFI positioning (10-30m) and then 3) LBS (location based service) which makes use of your cellular networks cell tower information (100-300m)
•    Geo-fence Boundary Alarm: should the device move out of a particular boundary an alarm will be sent. Set via the app.
•    Historical Route: the application will keep a historical record of all the watches movements for the past 3 months
•    SOS . Signal is sent to all 3x the cellphone contacts listed in the apps SOS section.
•    Audio Listen Monitor: should you be uneasy about a particular situation you can via the app activate a high sensitivity microphone to ‘listen in’ to the audio around the watch. No indication of this feature been engaged is displayed on the watch.
•    Waterproof: This device also known as a Tag or GPS Bracelet is waterproof (IP67) and can be submerged in water to a depth on 1m. Suitable for swimming breeds.

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