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Medical Pendants

TM 54

Simple SOS button press will dial up to 3 numbers and also has a built in fall detection.

The respondent can talk directly to the watch.


Up to 4 day battery life and GPS tracking showing the wearers location on Google maps within 3 meters. Lots of features to use.

$340.00 includes 12 mth sim


TM 25

This beautiful looking watch comes with all the features of the T45 but more : Wearer


temperature ,Heart Rate , pill reminder. alert of sitting to long, automatic answer, steps counter,

$480.00 includes 12 mth sim

SOS Wear Childrens Watches

Children's Watches


  • GPS positioning precise location for peace of mind

  • SOS button for emergency

  • Geo fencing

  • Whilst in class you can enable do not disturb feature which means that your child wont be able to use the watch during these hours so it doesn't upset class times. SOS still available during these times.

  • Step counter

  • Waterproof

  • Slim and fashionable 

  • Free mobile app

$380.00 includes 12 mth sim

Pet Wearables

Features Included (D42)

Why take a chance on your loving pet absconding and spending hours driving around to find them when you can attach to their collar a D42 pet tracker.


If your dog gets lost with our specially designed app, you can locate them within 5 meters of their location. It is waterproof and lasts up to 4 days before recharging.


Can be setup not only with GPS tracking but also a GEO fence so if your pet moves out of your wi-fi range it will alert you. Instant and exact location of your pet. Free mobile app included in price.

Just some of our pet owners comments ;
"Our lovely pet got out the side gate as it was left open by a tradie and we found her immediately once we realised she had got out, we found her 4 kilometres away with no hassle with her wearing the D42 Tracker."

$340.00 includes 12 mth sim

SOS Wear Pet Trackers
Construction Workers

Asset Trackers

TAT Asset Trackers

  • GPS positioning precise location for peace of mind

  • 4 day standby on battery

  • Geo fencing

  • Waterproof

  • Slim and fashionable 

  • Free mobile app

  • small and easy to hide

  • durable and functional for all types of assets

  • made for the trades

$398.00 includes 12 mth sim

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